Monday, February 25, 2008

States Key In On Stupidity Gene

I'm sure that everyone has heard about the couple from Georgia that won the Mega Millions lottery. I guess what they say is true....someone has to win at some point. And that is what gets people to keep spending money on the lotteries. That MAYBE they'll win (which is why normal people call it GAMBLING). Even when they don't win, they keep coming back for more and more...because "Someone has to win at some point in time", so why shouldn't it be you. Has anyone tried to figure out for every winner, how many people lost (also know as LOOSERS).

I'm not a great fan of gambling, as you can probably tell. Why? Because you cannot affect the outcome (otherwise known by those running the gambling enterprises and always making money, regardless if anyone wins or not, as cheating) through any specific knowledge or skills. Let me illustrate. You and 99 others are going to be taking a test. The outcome of this test will determine if you will be getting a specific job or not. Now, there is only 1 position open, so you have to be the one with a the highest test score. What can you do to improve your score? Well, you can study for the test. Or if the test pertains to some level of skills you should have been spending time honing those skills. In other words, your skill and knowledge, or lack thereof, can impact how well you do.

Gambling is not in the same category. The whole point about gambling is to be able to get your money without having to payout anywhere near what you bring in. Many states run their own lotteries and they say that they do it so that they can collect money and help pay for either senior citizen programs or help pay for educations. This is the biggest lie and myth to be foisted on their citizens. These lottos are the biggest cash-cow that was ever dumped in their laps! They can't lose! Just look at the payouts and the methods they use to pay out the winnings (the amount advertised is the amount you'll receive if you take it over 20 years).

Again, the states have found a way of tapping into that one "stupid gene" in humans. You convince them that they can get something for nothing (or almost nothing). "Look! You can win $200 million for only a BUCK!" Gee, what happened to all of the other bucks you spent the previous weeks and months? They're gone! They don't count any more? The odds do not change with the amount that you spend on lottery tickets. There is no guarantee that you will win...but there is a guarantee that you will be poorer by the amount you spent and the agency collecting the lottery money is richer by that same amount.

If anyone has the time, they should figure out the amount of money any lottery takes in. You'll then see that no matter who wins or who loses, the lottery agency ALWAYS wins. Why do you think the states don't allow just anyone to run their own lottery? They'll tell you that they regulate it because they want to make sure that the lottery is fair and not corrupt. HA! Who says that just because the state runs/regulates a lottery it is fair and legit? What? There is no corruption with state officials? Please! They bank on your naivete and stupidity. As long as you don't question their actions and just believe whatever they tell you, there will be no problems.

And, lastly, heaven forbid that you have a dollar or 2 left in your pocket...they WILL find a way of getting from you.

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