Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Pseudo Position

You know of which I've encountered it, the Pseudo Position.  That's the position with a title that you have strived for and know about.  You've worked your whole career to attain that position and you finally have the credentials and experience to go for that job.

You get to the interview and everything goes well.  Your experience and understanding of the job allows for you to "move up the ladder".  The interviewer explains the job function and responsibilities...all standard for that position.  You are offered the job and you accept.

Now comes the "What the....?!?!?"  You're on the job and you come to find out that you hold the title, but the responsibilities and authority are quite different then what you were led to believe.  As a matter of fact, your job function is that of a position that is at a lower level then what you accepted.

You know what I'm talking about here.  Many of us have fallen for this corporate employment scam.  Yes, the pay may be higher then the lower level position pays, but it still isn't what the real position is suppose to pay.  Corporations do this type of con all the's called Title In Lieu of Pay.  They need someone with your experience and knowledge, but don't want to 1) pay the higher salary to actually be something less in position, and 2) really don't want to actually give you the real perks that go with the real position (because those are reserved for their "favorites").

You know what I'm talking about.  The supervisor position that ends up with you having the title but still doing the subordinates job.  All that has changed is that the corporation now has someone to be the buffer between themselves and the employees below you.  You really don't get to supervise.  Or how about the manager that is not given the authority or perks all other managers in the organization receive...just get the responsibility and workload of all of the positions below them that the corporation does not want to fill.


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