Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Matter of Convenience

The number of days that cause me frustrations is on the increase.  More and more of my work days are nothing more then a series of frustrations and annoyances.  Why?  Well, I sat down and tried to figure out what the source of that frustration has been.  Besides the obvious source...other people, I wanted to determine what is was with other people that caused me my frustrations.  It comes down to convenience.  Not mine but other people's convenience.  I get stuff dumped on me because other people don't want to be inconveniences in doing it themselves.  They're too busy doing "important" things, such as spending the majority of their kibitzing with someone else and keeping those people from doing their jobs.  I'm never too busy to be inconveniences, but heaven help me if I do anything that will cause anyone else any inconvenience.  There will be hell to pay...for me. 
This also seems to apply to those that can't/won't do their jobs completely, either.  They just don't want to be inconvenienced.  That would take the time away from them "kissing up" to the executives and filling them in on the latest rumours and scuttlebutt.  We can't have that.
Then there are those that want to do what they want to do.  They don't want to be bothered with having to do specific things.  Why should they be bothered with HAVING to do something when you can pass it along to someone else?  I guess they call that leveling the workload.  Someone gets to do what HAS to be done and someone gets to do what they WANT to do.  I'd just like to be that someone that gets to do what they WANT to do instead of always being stuck as the person that HAS to do things.  I wonder what would happen if I just did what many of the others do?  How about I just did what I wanted to?  But then I have to make sure that I'm the first one to run to the executives to tell them about all of the people who aren't doing what they're suppose to do (remember, this goes hand-in-hand...you have to point other people's shortfalls while you're not doing anything; this keeps the executives off your back).  Problem here is that you have to stab people in the back.  And besides, who I tell on?  All of those "special" people with those "close" relationships with the executives?  Who would they believe?  Would they then force those "special" people to do their jobs?  Like any of the members of the Estrogen Club?  Or would they just keep dumping on those that are already overworked?
No, that just seems to be my lot in life.  I can't seem to win.  If I push back...I lose.  If I do nothing...I lose.  You can't even sit back and allow a situation to get to a point where others get to "feel the pain" (as in getting people to change by changing their comfort zone) because they don't accept the discomfort...it would inconvenience them.  So they pass this discomfort onto someone else.  They accept no reality that does not justify their current situation or their current level of activity.  They want to do what they want to do and will not acknowledge anything that doesn't support that.
Did you ever want to just jump in your car, point it in a certain direction, and just drive?  Keep going until you run out of gas and money.  Then wherever you are you find yourself a small, little nothing of a job to accumulate some money for gas just so that you can keep driving?  To where?  Who cares.  But I have too many responsibilities and I'm stuck.

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