Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Brain is Fried!

1100 more jobs to be cut.  By United Airlines.  Add this number to all of the other cuts previously announced by the auto makers and financial institutions.  I guess the "fat cat" executives of the airlines don't have to worry about theirs...they shoved about 1100 people under the bus so that they can still have theirs.  I guess that the airline executives weren't too tight with those bandits over in the oil industry.  The oil executive's price gouging just shoved a red-hot poker up the butts of the airline executives, didn't they.  HA!  Ever wonder wonder when this will stop?  The predators are almost at the point of eating their own.  I guess this will all still keep going on as long as there is the "little guy" that the executives can sacrifice.  It'll come to a stop when the executives have no one else that they can get rid of and are expected to actually work for a living.  THEN you'll see something being done about the situation.

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