Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Corporations Up To Their Old Sleazy Tricks.

Are you aware of what is in your Terms and Conditions or contracts that you sign when you sign on for a service?  Well, according to a blog entry by Bob Sullivan of MSNBC (http://redtape.msnbc.com/2008/04/the-end-of-clas.html) about another situation where the big corporations, in this case the cell phone companies (specifically AT&T), are being taken to task about the wording in their contracts where THEY prohibit consumers from banding together and forming a class action suit against the corporation. 

Why doesn't this surprise me?  Even after I read the statement from the corporate spokesperson that not using class action suits was to the consumer's advantage. Here is another case of a big corporation wanting to secure its means of gouging people out of money and not being held liable for their actions.  It amazes me that corporations can become THAT arrogant as to feel that they have the right to tell consumers how the consumer can deal with issues that they have with the corporation.

Also, remember, these are the corporations that run this country.  God Bless America...Land of The Crooks and Thieves.

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