Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Inept Leading the Incompetent

I've pretty much had it! I just don't know what to do. I still my
paycheck, my salary level, and my benefits. So I can't just quit this
hell hole. The job market being what is it doesn't help the situation
any, either. What happened?

Well, it seems that there are a few privileged people here that are so
special that they really don't have to do their jobs nor do they have
to meet any type of standard of work performance. If things don't go
their way, they feel they are are being held responsible for anything,
or they feel just plain ornery...they throw a temper tantrum and
things get smoothed over for them. The latest development has left me
completely livid!

Now, everyone else in the industry has evolved, progressed, or
whatever to utilize the most current state-of-the-art tools and
systems. But not us! For us to do that would require these "Special
People" to actual do their jobs and maintain accurate data for others
to use. But the "Special People" don't want to do that...it's too
much work for them. So I have been assigned the task to manually
process the data and make sure everything is correct. The Executives
are NOT going to hold any of the "Special People" accountable for
their work, just pass on the responsibility onto someone else. After
all, they don't want anything as mundane as work to interfere with
their favorites' ability to sit around and BS with them, do they? I
get even more work added to my list...they get more taken off of

I'd be out of here in a shot if I could find another field that pays
me what I am currently making. I don't know if I can wait a few years
more until all of the kids are out of college. And I have this slight
attachment to being able to eat actual food and living under cover. I
come in every day and wish that they all got their

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Anonymous said...

Was thinking of you this morning due to junior-high games in my workplace. My "office" is awkwardly located in a hallway with a door behind my desk, but it is pretty clear that the area is not to be used as a pass-through. Still, when another entrance was temporarily blocked, a few people used my office as a passage without even asking (there's yet another entrance they could have used if they weren't so GD lazy). I asked them not to pass through my office, and they got so defensive I could only conclude that they are bat-sh*t crazy. The next day, some of their mature-beyond-their-years buddies began passing through for no other reason than to irk me. HR suggested I put up a sign on the door to formally notify people they shouldn't pass through my office. I did so on Friday, and this morning, the sign had been torn down, no doubt by one of the mama's boys who've been deliberately trying to make my life difficult. There is nothing I can do except let it go, at this point. Any further action will make ME look like the a**hole, not them. Talk about unfair. They've done sh*t like this to other people who have quit because of their cowardly behavior.