Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Crapping on the Little Guy

How much more are the people suppose to endure? With job security being the lowest it can be, the auto industry to going to be dumping a whole bunch of its employees. Hey. again, the big shot executives got theirs. Why should they worry abotu anyone else. All they're looking at is keeping the moeny coming into their pockets. So what that they can afford to feed their family a hundred times over and over each day whiole those that have worked to insure that the fat cat executives get theirs end up with absolutely nothing or some very hard choices to make.

What is someone suppose to do when everything they've worked and saved for is on the verge of disappearing? Yes, there are realities of life that need to be dealt with. The declining auto industry in this country (which is another blog entry) is causing most of the jobs to be eliminated. Is this something that JUST happened overnight? We all know that answer is NO. But what have the auto industry executives been doing while the auto industry was in decline? They were busy taking care of themselves, making sure that their "nests" were feathered very well. What they weren't doing was protecting their employees. They weren't insuring any kind of job security for them. All they made sure of was that they ended up with the lion's share of the wealth. Why would they want to shae it with anyone else? Haven't the auto industry executives been notoriously against organzied labor and labor laws right from the beginning? Didn't the auto industry executives hire gangsters and thugs in the past to break up union pickets? So, we shouldn't be surprised that the "lowly" auto employee is goign to bear the brunt of this reduction and cost-cutting efforts in the auto industry. And we shouldn't be surprised that the auto industry executives didn't plan for this other then making sure that they had taken care of themselves. After all, what do you think the executives get paid for? To make sure that they take care of themselves and not their emplioyees. Haven't you read the news articles about all of the corporate executives who received these outrageous compensation packages while the businesses they were being paid to manage lost tremendous amounts of money and employees lost their jobs and moeny from their investments in the companies.

To read more about the news about what is going on in the auto industry, click here.

And I still want to propose that Tar & Feathering be brought back into vogue. I don't think the courts will be of much help in that these corporate executives have enough money and waelth to buy off the judges.

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