Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Current Bankrupcy Crisis.

Have you heard?  We're in the middle of a bankruptcy crisis.  And if you read the article in The New Yorker (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23869179/) Congress is the one to blame. 

Well...DUH!  It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.  Does anyone remember 2005 and the law that Congress passed to make it hard to file for bankruptcy?  That was because the credit card companies told their bought and paid for minions (Congressmen) that there was a bankruptcy "crisis" and that Congress had to do something about it.  The only crisis that existed was the one in the credit card company's executives feeble little minds.  The current bankruptcy laws were allowing too much money to slip from their greedy, greasy fingers.  That was NOT accepted by these executives.  So, they called and told their minions what they wanted done.  And their minions dutifully obliged them.  After all, when your master tells you to do something....you do it. 

So, as usual...the big, fat cats are going to get theirs.  They're not going to loose a penny while the little, ordinary person gets stuck with the costs.  Why should anyone, other then the big, greedy, fat-cat executives be left with anything?  After all, didn't God create the ordinary person for use and abuse by the rich and powerful?  Think back to the European feudal system.  Are we really that far away?  All the strides we have made as a society and as a nation, George W. Bush has wiped out in 8 short years.  So, is it any surprise that the current bankruptcy crisis was created by Congress when they did their master's bidding in 2005 over a made up crisis by their masters, the credit card corporations?

And there's another interesting point brought up in the article in The New Yorker.  And that is that with the new bankruptcy laws passed in 2005, there are less start-ups of new businesses.  Well, this works perfectly into the big corporations plans.  What a fabulous coup they pulled off.  They got their minions, Congress, to pass a new bankruptcy law that stifled new competition from entering the market...thus limiting THEIR competition.  And THEY can't be charged with any kind of anti-competition activity because they got their minions (the same ones that would have accused them of it) to make it legal to do so.  What a great country America is...we have the VERY best politicians money can buy.  It's just that the ordinary person can't afford to buy their own politician.

So, can anyone tell me if there is any law on the books in any state that forbids the use of  tar and feathering?  If not, then I strongly suggest that we take up that long-lost and forgotten practice and use it on those most deserving in our society...the politicians and their masters.

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