Friday, March 28, 2008

A Con On Top Of Another Con?

For God's sakes....when will it stop?  I just read that mortgage brokers or going to become credit counselors.  Now, these are the same mortgage brokers that conned all of those home owners into the those sub prime mortgages that are causing them all of these problems?  Now you've got these con men going after the same people they scammed before.  What?  They didn't get enough of their money before?  I guess these con artists are going to keep going until they get every single penny the poor homeowner victim has, huh?  Or, maybe not.  Maybe these con artists (i.e. mortgage brokers/credit counselors) will keep the victim "alive" enough to keep their cash cow viable.  Are these guys now going to go into the credit counseling business, muddy up the water so much that when they victimize more people it will still be hard to determine who is at fault, who did what, etc.?  I'll bet my money that they will.  After all, they did it to the mortgage industry. 

I think that ANYONE who built their mortgage brokerage business primarily on selling sub prime loans should be forbidden from doing ANYTHING in the financial arena and forced to work for minimum wage in the fast food industry.

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