Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Estrogen Club

What is the Estrogen Club, you ask? I'm sure that you have one in your workplace, too. You just need to look around and you'll find it. As a matter of fact, depending on the size of your company you may have more then one. But the Estrogen Club is a group of people that spend the majority of their time:

1. Talking about each other behind each other's backs,
2. Talking and spreading rumours about others to each other,
3. Believe that they are more important then they really are,
4. Believe that no one is as smart as they are, and therefore everyone else is stupid,
5. Stab those people they beleive are stupid in the back.

There's probably a few other points here but I can't think of them. But is the Estrogen Club comprised of only females? Majority of the time, yes. But not always. The one I have to live with in my workplace has at least one male...and he belongs so that he can get all of the "scoop" on others fresh as it comes out of the group. Hey, how else are you going to torpedo people and their careers?

What makes this group so much worse then any other is that the members usually have the "ear" of someone with power over someone else's job and workload. But one way ot figure out if you have an Estrogen Club is to locate a few of the following people and see if they hang around together. The Club here consists of:

1. The Stupid Cow - knows nothing about anything she talks about and is the quickest with the knife.
2. The Diva - believes that the world revolves around her and that would cease to exist if she wasn't here.
3. The Hen - always in the middle of things and is the key person responsible for making sure everyone else in the Club is in the know.
4. Miss Piggy - thinks she is the head of the Club and has all of the power. This one is the most vicious member.

Do you have an Estrogen Club at your workplace?

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