Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Stupid Cow

Do you remember when you were in grade school you had that one classmate that would be the one to constantly run to the teacher to tell about something another classmate did? Well, that is The Stupid Cow in my workplace. I previously explained who The Stupid Cow was in my blog about The Estrogen Club.

The difference between that tattle-tailer classmate and The Stupid Cow is that the classmate didn't go running around to the others within their clique and tell them what they found that someone did "wrong" or offended them. The Stupid Cow does.

I just witnessed The Stupid Cow bitch and complain about something that The Stupid Cow perceived as being offensive to them. The Stupid Cow (I will refer to them as TSC from now on) made a point of going out of their way to tell The Hen (TH) and Miss Piggy (MP) all about it. TSC then proceeded to spend an hour bitching and complaining to another executive about the whole situation. Essentially, backstabbing the one person whose nature is not to offend and makes every attempt to work with everyone. This person has gone out of their way numerous times to help TSC out.

What was the offense? Well, the person (I will refer to them as The Victim) did nothing more then go into TSC's department to look up some information about a specific job that was stored company files that were in TSC's department. What was offensive was that The Victim did NOT ask if she could look in the COMPANY files, didn't fully explain what she needed and why, didn't give TSC the full scoop of what was going on. Never mind that The Victim was well within her job-rights and responsibility to access those files without having to ask permission (the file contents are NOT under any confidentially rule or such...the files are stored as back-up and for reference).

Interestingly, ALL of the members of the Estrogen Club feel and act as if they run the company. They manipulate, arrange, or do whatever it takes for the executives to believe ONLY what they tell them. Using whatever means they can. And the executives are too stupid to see any pattern or verify that they are running with valid information.

I pray every day that if there is a God that these people get everything they have coming to them. I just hope it happens before they destroy too many other people's careers or job paths.


Anonymous said...

May I ask (and feel free to say, no, you may not!) if you work for a public corporation? The reason I ask is because the company I work for does research on public corporations, which often criticize our work because it doesn't take into consideration the "dynamics" of the groups we study. It is really interesting for me, as a psych major and as someone who is interested in work place dynamics, to read about what goes on in your work place at the executive level. I guess that makes me a total nerd. But I'm okay with that. ;-) How do you stay above all this crap?

CorpScamBuster said...

How do I stay above it? I don't know...I guess I just have to because I need my paycheck and there are very few options open in my field at this stage of my career.
So, the best I can do is expose the total BS that goes on up on the "mountain".
Those that DO survivie in this type of environment have sold their integrity long ago. Those that haven't...well, we're either buried deep somewhere in the organization or no longer in that environemnt.